The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History

A Living History !!!!!

This history intends to keep growing, just as the Swim is.
We welcome all additions and corrections.
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of The Big Swim

The World-Famous, Iconic, Open-Water Swim
The quality of this swim is attested to by the number of swimmers
of all levels, including world class, that travel from
near and far, at no small expense, to swim this
"Swim of All Swims"
This history will attempt to recount how it got that way.

Then, Just How Did It Get This Way?

the Beginning: By The Great Kahuna
He created Waikiki Bay, a swim venue made in his Heaven.
Perfect water, perfect sandy beaches and bottom, perfect waves,
perfect winds. He led the Hawaiian people to a perfect homeland for
these noble and courageous, long-haul Seafarers.

More Recently: By The Succession of Directors & Helpers
Each year standing on the shoulders of their predecessors

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