The Wilcox Family Tree
As Relates Directly to Hanalei
             1860's as Wilcox home              2010's as Waiol Mission House Museum

All 2nd Generation Abner Wilcox Children:
Charles Hart 1838 -
George Norton 1839 - 1933
Edward Payson 1841 - 1919
Albert Spencer 1844 - 1919
Samuel Whitney 1847  - 1929
William Luther 1850 - 1903
Clarence Sheldon 1855 - 1856
Henry Harrison 1868 - 1899

Partial Third Generation of Wilcox Descendants:
Samuel Whitney Wilcox marries Emma Washburn Lyman b. 1849

Ralph Lyman Wilcox b. 1876
Lucy Etta Wilcox b. 1877 - 1933
Elsie Hart Wilcox b. 1879
Charles Henry Wilcox b. ?
Mabel Isabel Wilcox b. ?
Gaylord Parke Wilcox b. 1881

Partial  Fourth Generation of Wilcox Descendants:
Lucy Etta Wilcox marries Henry Digby Sloggett, 1903:

Richard Sloggett
Margaret Ellery Sloggett
Dorothea Sloggett
Edith Sloggett
Arthur Sloggett

Partial Fifth Generation of Wilcox Descendants:
Margaret Sloggett  marries Gerald Merriman Fisher, 1930

Gale Fisher
Charles Fisher
Gerald Fisher Jr

      Partial Sixth Generation of Wilcox Descendants:
   Gale Fisher marries Donn Carswell

Kelley Carswell
Chris Carswell
David Carswell
Karin Carswell

      Partial Seventh & Eighth Generations of Wilcox Descendants:

Kelley Carswell Haneberg
Kela Haneberg
Kaulana Haneberg

Chris & Jackie Carswell
Sophie Carswell

David & Denise Carswell
Delaney Carswell

Karin Guest
Reyn Guest
Ryder Guesst
Hayden Guest

Abner and Lucy Hart Wilcox from Litchfield Connecticut via Cape Horn
served at Waioli, Hanalei from 1846 - 1849
The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History