Best Bikes & Trails

     Center of "Downtown" Hanalei next to Ching Young Grocery    

       $15/day, $60/wk including lock & basket

Why "Best" ?? (According to SwimJim)

     1. Central location makes it un-necessary to travel along
            the very narrow dangerous highway to the east.
     2. Bikes are equipped with above accessories.
     3. Owner of shop is civilized and courteous, a denizen of Hanalei.
     4. Owner has trail bikes and knowledge about local bike trails.
     5. Owner is the Swimmers' friend with photos of noted swimmers
            on wall behind cash register !!

Best Bike Repairs:

"The Bike Doctor" on highway to the east a few block
Owned by another civilized, knowledgeable denizen
By far the swimmer's best way to The Pavilion and around Hanalei
Pedal 'n Paddle
The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History