Swim Distances

Pick Your Swim:

One-Way Distances from The Pavilion:

Pier                   0.3 mile
Hanalei River:    0.5 mile
Waioli River:      0.6 mile
Yellow House    0.9 mile
White House      1.0 mile
Beck's Lagoon    1.3 mile
Lumahai Beach   1.7 mile *
*Requires swim back to Beck's Lagoon or Road pick up
Site of "South Pacific" film.

The Beach Pavilion is a great swim Meeting and Starting Place:
2 outdoor showers
Rest/Changing Rooms
On a beautiful beach, see movie "Descendants"
Bike and car parking

Too Good To Be True
The picture above
shows the whole reason for Hanalei's
reputation as a serious swimmer's Swimming Paradise: 
No chop, no rocks, wide sandy beach, glassy, clear water
No currents, wonderful choice of different swims and distances

The swimming is so good most training swimmers
will swim 3 or 4 times a day
For much longer distances than their normal
because it is SO PLEASANT! Sandy Bottom, no cut feet !
Tahiti-like views on each breath!
The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History