Steve Bobko


The Middle Era
UH Swim Warrior
     Steve came to Hawaii in 1974 as a Rainbow Warrior for the University of Hawaii. He set numerous swimming records while there which, he says, "have long since fallen". After college, he stayed in Hawaii to launch his professional career. In addition, he stayed active in swimming with regular Sunday swims off San Souci Beach, doing "singles" and some days "doubles" (Roughwater Swims).

Steve Takes the Helm
      In 1985 he chaired the Roughwatert Swim. He remembers that timing was becoming more automated during his tenure with results being posted within hours of the finish. He fondly remembers the substantial help given him by Dick Cowan and Alan Hong.

Big Island Beckons
    In 1986 Stephen moves to the Big Island but continues to swim for many years. His new swimming hole became Kealakekua Bay and he sponsored a swimming event there in 1987. None the less, he would often return to swim the Waikiki Roughwater Swim with some of his swimming buddies.

Wyoming and Arizona
   Having retired from his professional career and moved to the Mainland, he and his wife Joanna, now split their time between Alpine, Wyoming and Carefree, Arizona.  
The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History