Compare Swim Spots
Maui's South Shore, Kaanapali
   Choppy: Exposed to Summer OnShore Trade Winds, see photo below
    Crowded: Wall to Wall High Rises, 4-lane bumper to bumper
         cars, signals, droves of tourists overflowing sidewalks.
Hard on Feet: Underwater reef
Kauai's South Shore, Poipu
Choppy: Summer OnShore Trades
Crowded: Less than Kaanapali, much more than Hanalei
Hard on Feet: Big and Small rocks, see this picture here:
Kaanapali, Maui
Poipu, Kauai
The Winner: Kauai's North Shore
Sheltered from summer south swell and winds
Hanalei Bay and Lumahai Beach   

Water: Glassy, sheltered
Crowded?  No !
Easy on Feet : Sandy bottoms
Hanalei Bay                                                           Lumahai Beach
The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History