Yearly Waikiki Roughwater Swim Results

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Current top management of the WRWS has mandated the policy of reporting exactly what was done awards-wise through out the history of the swim.

Reviewing with those Swim officials with credible data-based memories produces the fact that the "Elite" System of removing
the first three male and first three female finishers from their respective age groups began in 1993.

A variety of ad hoc methods were used to group results from 1970 to 1992. None of these systems are now in use. Inflicting the Elite System on these results would be a fabrication since "Elite" never happened and current management wants what was “History”.

What is needed is a simple, truthful system for future readers that can be universally understandable over the decades.

The only simple universal system that years from now will out live various changes to suit awards systems is to use the only two parameters that have and will always be present: Time and Age.

In addition, this will eases up difficult computer Data Base technical challenges that lead to confusion and errors down the years to come.
Additional  “AWARDS” column to the current Actual Performance Results showing what swimmers received 1st, 2nd and 3rd AGE GROUP AWARDS. The OVERALL winners (3 female, 3 male) are marked in bold letters in the OVERALL FINISHERS list.