Kaia Hedlund

The Now-Era History

2010 - The Future
Ted Retires
     In April 2009, Ted Sheppard informed the Board that he would retire after the 40th Swim and his 60th birthday that year. The WRS Committee then elected Kaia to be President and Race Director for the 2010 season. Ted was able to provide Kaia with all the many managerial parameters right up to the end of his term in Dec 2009.

Kaia Hedlund Elected   
     More luck and good fortune, Kaia had extensive experience with the Roughwater Swim, having  swum in it many times over the years, (winning her age group one year). More importantly having served on the RW Committee for many years as secretary (aka up to her neck in permit and our own special kind of massive paper work). Even more good luck Kaia had escalated her career into major swim management on the Mainland such as National meets of many kinds....WOWEE...

Lady Luck Smiles on Us
     How lucky could this now-iconic, non-commercial swim be? Nautilus and his co-gods swimming in the air up above the Natatorium smiled on this swim and rewarded it for being so PURE and CLASSIC.

Five Years at the Helm, already in 2014 !     

In Her Own Words:
      Kaia will now say a few words about her tenure, her helpers and improvements and the current state of affairs: "It is too soon to croon...wait till I am history" OK Kaia, if you insist !

Our Good Looking Hard-Working Tall Blond
CEO-Type Executive Director

The Waikiki Roughwater Swim History