Getting To Hanalei Village
To Kauai by Air

From Overseas
    Consult various multi-airline websites such as KAYAK
    Remember there are direct flights to LIHUE AIRPORT "LIH" (Kauai, HI)

From Honolulu
    Consult various multi-airline websites such as KAYAK
     Shopping important, some inter-island airlines much more expensive

From Lihue Airport to Hanalei
         Like Kaanapali on Maui, it takes about 1 hour to get to Hanalei from the main airport. Unlike Maui, rarely are there huge traffic jams on the only road to destination.

Normal Way:  Rent a car, $30-$45 per day for compact
Expensive Way:  Taxi $100
Fun and Cheap Way:  Public bus, 75 cents or so depending on age

Short Trips from Hanalei to Princeville, Haena, etc

         Princeville Avis Car Rental: 808 826 9733
      Janice North Shore Cab: 808 639 7829


    "Transfers" between Lihue Airport and Princeville
        SUNSHINE HELICOPTER ... 866 501 7738
            2 persons incl luggage: $1,325   
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